Images from Icelandic nature

Artistic photographs from icelandic nature

A diverse collection of photographs printed on canvas. The pictures are rolled up and placed in a strong cardboard a cylinder. That´s the only way to get it unharmed between countries.
On this page you will definitely find a picture that fits in the living room! In most cases, there is only one copy of each image.

How do you pay for a photo?

I use PayPal. I can use your e-mail and the rest is easy. Please notice that shipping costs are not included in the price. My e-mail address is:

Selling photos to another country

All images on my web are in stock. As a rule, I create one or two pictures of each subject. I have no interest in mass-producing the same photo. In some cases – but very few – it may be that the photos I take and are for sale on will be used to decorate women’s clothing.

A picture sent by post to another country is rolled up and placed in a cardboard cylinder. Please notice that shipping costs are not included in the price. You will see the shipping costs on the bill before you pay.  In most cases, any customs or import duties are charged once the photo reaches its destination country. As soon as I receive your payment I will post the photo to you.

About colors
Computer screens are different and not all show the same colors. We use monitors that have been color-adjusted and cannot accept a refund for the sole reason that the buyer’s maladjusted computer monitor has shown other colors. Note that colors can be set in screens.