What fascinated me most about this picture was how the colors in the ice work closely together. It was also interesting to see how the frost had locked in the air bubbles. The vegetation is closed inside the ice and together they – along with the flowers and air bubbles – formed a magnificent work of art. The picture is from a frozen pond at Skarðsheiði which is close to Akranes.
Size: 85 x 60 cm / 33.4 x 23.6 inch

A tiny waterfall
The picture is much bigger than the tiny waterfall I photographed. During its hayday it was barely 30 centimeters in width. It is no more; it lives only during the spring. In its lifetime it played its humble fine tuned harp close to a shore in Hvalfjörður.
Size: 60 x 45 cm / 23.6 x 17,7 inch
The picture is printed on canvas and stretched on a blind frame.

Life on the beach
I’m one of those people who can sit for hours on a rock on the beach and listen to the ocean. Then I constantly admire the inhabitants of the sea and the beach – I like to take pictures of them. Here are some who live close to Akranes.
Size: 70 x 60 cm / 27,5 x 23,6 inch
The picture is printed on canvas and stretched on a blind frame.

This picture was created after a trip around Fljótahlíð on the south coast of Iceland. It had rained earlier in the day and now the stream was flowing over the grass of a green tuft that was waiting calmly for a stand. But the straw played the main role.
Price: $ 250 (plus postage costs)
Size: 60 x 35 / 23,6 x 13,7 inch

Vegetation in winter. Even though the vegetation is dormant and the leaves are seem to be grayish, the colors are there waiting to be pulled out and examined in more detail.
Size: 45×45 cm. / 17,7 x 17,7 inch

The joy of colours
The interplay of colours in nature is amazing. There is nothing as rewarding as walking around the Icelandic nature and photographing the works of art that are to be found at every step.
Size: 30 × 40 cm / 11,8 x 15,7 inch

Lækur við Móskarðshnjúka

River bed
We have all waded in rivers and streams; felt how the cold comes slowly and bitingly. When the water is silvery and the sun shines, a new world opens up at the bottom. From a stream close to Skarðsheiði – SV Iceland.
Size: 40 × 40 cm / 15,7 x 15,7 inch

In the outset of winter
It was in early November that I saw these leaves and was fascinated by them. One more time they waited patiently for the rays of the sun, but they had not lost their beauty, despite the darkness and cold.
Size: 55cm × 55cm / 21,6 x 21,6 inch

One by one, the leaves loose their strenght. The winter is getting closer. The cycle of life is incredible.
Size: 45 x 45 cm. / 17,7 x 17,7 inch

Colors at the bottom of the river
Interaction of light and water in a riverbed in Western Iceland. I lack words to describe this beauty – and sometimes it’s nice to be speechless too!
Size: 35 x 45 cm / 13,7 x 17,7 inch

I could not think of another name. As I walked around Álfholtsskógur, close to Akrafjall, I saw how the grass from the summer was preparing to merge into the ground.
Size: 40 × 35 / 15,7 x 13,7 inch

The universe
For centuries man has pondered the vastness of the sky. It did not occur to me until I shot this photo of the thin ice that it was really a picture of stellar nebulae millions of light-years away! You will agree if you take a close look.
Size: 60 × 60 cm. / 23,6 x 23,6 inch

Peace in a small stream
The size of a stream does not matter. Even the smallest streams have unparalleled beauty and peace. There the water lingers on softly and the rays of the sun enables live to prosper.
Size: 50 x 75 cm. / 19,6 x 29,5 inch

In the forest of elves
I found this little waterfall in Álfholtsskógur (Álfur = Elf) which is north of Akrafjall. The waterfall was so small that it hardly lived up to its name, but even so it continued without hesitation.
Size: 40 x 60 cm / 15,7 x 23,6 inch

Vegetation & ice
Colorful vegetation locked in clear ice close to Skarðsheiði – not far away from Akranes. The white dots are air-bubbles waiting for warmer weather to release them.
Size: 60 x 80 cm / 23,6 x 31,4 inch

Sunbeam in the pasture
When the flowers feel that the spring is in the air they start to prepare for a short artic summer.
Size: 55 x 35 cm. / 21.6 x 13.7 inch

Vaccinium myrtillus
The plants are growing fast and the berries are ripe. Few things compare to crawling and picking berries in the Icelandic nature.
Size: 80 x 55 cm / 31.5 x 21.6 inch

Mt. Helgafell
Residents of the capital do not have to travel far to get to one of the most wonderful outdoor recreation areas in the country. Above Hafnarfjörður lurks Mt. Helgafell – one of seven mountains with this name in Iceland.
Size: 70 x 60 cm / 27.5 x 23.6 inch

About me

The photos are shot and edited by me, Áskell Þórisson, a journalist and former editor. Most Icelanders know Bændablaðið – Farmers newspaper – which I founded it and ran for the Farmers’ Association for almost 12 years. Previously, I was a journalist at Tíminn – Time – and later journalist and editor of Dagur – The Day – a newspaper in Akureyri. Later I worked for the Agricultural University of Iceland and The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland.

For many years, I been very interested in photography, not least close-ups in Icelandic nature. I use Nikon 850 and usually I choose 60 or 35 mm lenses for my work.

Are you interested in buying a picture? Send me a post ( or call 854 896 3313 and let me know about your intension and how you would like to pay for the photo.


Materials and equipment

The strictest requirements apply to color corrections, color profiles and software. All photos available on are printed on an approved canvas. The printer used for the project is Epson Sure color 9000V

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